Are you looking for tips on changes in the consumer landscape, created by coronavirus?

Need to know the ways consumers in Canada behave, and interact with brands?

Our Canada consumer market snapshot explains the major statistics behind consumer actions, to shed light on the best way you can reach them.

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In this set of Canada consumer insights you’ll be able to take your brand further, and align with the needs of your target audience.

Update your consumer profile with the latest insights

With data from our far-reaching global survey, refresh your knowledge of the habits and preferences of Canadian consumers.

Discover new patterns in their lifestyle

What sort of interests does the typical Canadian internet user have? How do they use devices? Get the latest knowledge on activities.

Shape your social media approach

With insight into social media platform use, see how your target consumer is unique - to shape a strategy that lets you stand out.Canada-preview

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Learn about the latest trends, including social media.

Consumers in Canada are more likely to swim than others, and spend more time on PCs than they do on mobiles.

Smart speaker ownership is high, but more Canadian consumers than the global average say they’re concerned about how companies use their data online.

When it comes to social media, they’re less likely to use Whatsapp - though they’re more likely to use social media to stay in touch with friends.

Find out what’s unique to your consumer, beginning with this insight toolkit.

What's in the infographic?

Drawing on a global consumer survey that’s been tailored to regional cultures, we outline the facts to know.

  • What’s the demographic and lifestyle profile of an internet user in Canada?
  • What are their interests - and how does this compare globally?
  • How does Gen Z online time stack up against the average?
  • How are Canadian consumers using mobiles?
  • How do they use social media for brand discovery and purchases?

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