Since the world was flipped upside down, spending behaviors and attitudes to finance in general in the U.S. started looking quite different.

Financial institutions were left scratching their heads, trying to re-grasp what their audience wanted from their money services - and where the opportunities to support their customers lay.

In this infographic we help to unpick some of the key questions around who’s using which banking services, how attitudes to personal finance have shifted, and what people’s financial outlooks are at this stage.

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What’s in this infographic?

We’ve put ourselves in the shoes of financial brands and asked the questions they want answered.

Here are the main talking points:

  • Financial intentions (like getting a new credit card or opening a new account etc)
  • Most used payment card brands
  • Overall attitudes to finance
  • Financial outlooks
  • Who’s using digital banking
  • How banks can build brand loyalty

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