Attracting the buyers you want is a blend of strategy and inspiration. But unless it’s founded in solid data, it’s guesswork. B2B market research is just as important as its consumer cousin.

In this guide, we show you how to understand not only what, but why. Why do business buyers visit your website? How do they want to discover vendors? What influences their decision?

There’s no space to hit a wrong note during a pandemic. Track the shifts in behavior and views that have arisen in 2020. Is your profiling on point?

Get our 2020 insights for attracting B2B buyers, and stand out from the crowd.

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What's in the guide?

Get to know the challengers B2B buyers face, and understand their concerns for right now.

Deep insight helps you shape your approach - and know how to do business in the next normal.

Our guide shows you how to map buyer needs precisely, including:

  • Why it’s crucial to understand today’s buyer’s mindset.
  • Using multi-dimensional data, and why it’s key.
  • The opportunities and threats to know.
  • Exclusive insights into B2B buyers. 


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In a world turned upside-down by coronavirus, discover attitudes to using technology, and the purchase triggers to know.

When you’re developing go-to-market strategies, you need to understand the reasons and motivations that influence your buyer’s decisions. 

Sharpen your skills with our guide to knowing your consumer - and stay relevant, with 2020 data.

Sourced from GWI Work, the data set designed to help you know your professional audience, our insights help you fine tune your marketing.

When undertaking B2B market research, you need to ask the right questions. Here’s how.

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