Social and cultural changes across the world have meant the profile of the affluent consumer is rapidly shifting. Despite this, affluent consumers remain the ideal customer for many brands across the globe, so it’s vital to stay informed on this influential group.

Our report showcases the common trends for this group of potential customers in each global region, taking local differences into account to provide a practical guide to meeting this type of customer's needs.

Learn about this customer type's buying patterns, demographic information, motivations and perceptions. By customer profiling affluent consumers, you can hone your marketing strategy and develop long-term customer relationships.

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What's inside the report?

Dig deeper into emerging trends for global wealthy consumers, and learn how other companies have tailored their brand offerings to meet their needs. Discover:

  • How digital behaviors of this segment differ, and where to reach them.
  • Attitudinal statements and lifestyle preferences of the affluent consumer.
  • The key to providing a personalized and premium experience that works.


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