How will 5G, the next generation of mobile data tech, push consumer behavior forward? What new commercial demands will mobile-first users make on brands - and how can you benefit?

Sending and receiving data is a fundamental part of a connected device’s appeal and fuels its real world uses.

With the promise of handling data faster - and on many more devices in a location - 5G seems like a gateway to a science fiction future made real.

Discover the commercial implications in our consumer report.

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Can we expect self-driving cars or the internet of things to arrive quicker? Or are there likely to be adoption hurdles first?

You’ll uncover insight into the perceived value and advantages of 5G in our in-depth market analysis.

Make sure your strategy has covered the insight that underpins the success of any technology: consumer opinion.

What's inside the report?

You’ll uncover:

  • What features do people most want in a smartphone?
  • How many people own a 5G-enabled device?
  • What opportunities are there for brands in the 5G space?


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