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Understand real consumers with data
from real people

We run online surveys in 50+ markets to collect responses from internet users across all corners of the globe. Our data represents online populations - not national populations, and our sample sizes vary per market according to population and online penetration. Our data is weighted for accuracy, cleaned to maintain robustness, and updated quarterly to ensure freshness.

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We’re obsessed with making your user experience exceptional and we’ve got the customer reviews to back us up.

"Very detailed and easy to use and interpret. Support is also really strong, as was the training I received when onboarding to the platform."

Verified User in Marketing and Advertising

"The breadth and depth of coverage ensures that I can deliver holistic thinking to clients, regardless if the ask spans markets, channels and/or audiences."

Anthony K., Head of Data

"An easy to use interface, the ability to select and combine different survey data, fantastic reports, updates and events and superb customer service."

Jo B., Senior Strategist

“Global coverage of the data with the ability to cross-compare with ease. Platform is really easy to use compared to other audience data players in the market.”

Verified User in Marketing and Advertising

How GWI helps you win

Make decisions you’d bet your career on

Make decisions you’d bet your career on

Keep your audience analysis on point, and make decisions you can stand behind every time - from testing a new campaign format to developing a new product offering.

Tell one story across your business

Tell one story across your business

Got different teams all using different data? Our subscription-based platform arms your employees with a consistent in-depth view of audiences, so every story stays the same.

Find what you need fast

Find what you need fast

Whether you’re a data whizz, strategic leader or creative genius, our consumer research platform is easy to access, easy to use, and the results are easy to share.

Success story

Investing in GWI has been one of the best decisions we could have made.


Independent agency, Bright/Shift, used GWI to shape a high-impact go-to-market strategy for their sustainable furniture client, generating 41k in revenue in the first month.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a consumer research platform?
Consumer research platforms help businesses find their target market and determine how consumers feel about a product or service. Common uses include data analysis, social media monitoring, competitor intelligence, and predictive analytics. Using a consumer research platform allows organizations to make better, more informed decisions based on reliable data rather than intuition or experience.

What can I use the GWI consumer research platform for?
Our platform gives you on‑demand access to consumer research representing the views of nearly 3 billion people. The insights this delivers enables you to power up your marketing, strategy, products, and pitches. The result gets you closer to your next customer by helping you understand exactly what they think, feel and do.

What markets does GWI’s consumer research platform give insight into?
Our platform currently covers 53 world markets. The data we collect in these countries represents 3B internet users, helping our customers get a top-level look at your global audience or zero in on local regions. We’re adding new markets on a regular basis.

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