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Audience intelligence consultancy EntSight explain how they layer different data to provide their clients with unique, customized insight every time. 

EntSight, operates at the growing intersection between brands and entertainment, putting data and insight at the heart of everything they do.

The consultancy was founded to solve a critical business problem: helping brands to ensure their investments in entertainment, sports and media are as effective as possible.

The company works with top international brands, including BMW Group, IWC and Tommy Hilfiger.

The challenge 

Moving from emotion to fact.

Every agency and brand knows the struggle to forge a campaign strategy that will resonate. But for Edward Bass, Founder and Director of EntSight, the problem lay in a lack of data-driven decision-making.

“In the entertainment space in particular, there tends to be very little data fueling the strategic side,” he says.

“Brands didn’t really look at any data or insight that could be fed into these campaigns.”

The team found that marketing strategies were largely based on emotion, preference and bias, rather than research.

“If there’s data involved, it’s primarily demographic research with little detail. Mostly, companies are simply looking at basic elements, like fan followings, which we now know can in fact be purchased.”

It was clear this wasn’t enough to generate truly successful campaigns, built on solid insight.

The action

Combining the right data.

The team had a few objectives in mind.

  • Understand audience behaviors, rather than just preferences.
  • Segment the data by behavior.
  • Gain a much deeper understanding of their target audiences.

With a specialized focus on offering audience intelligence for the entertainment sector, it was crucial for EntSight’s chosen sources to provide insight into entertainment fans in particular.

“We quickly realized we needed a platform that would enable us to construct the right audiences in the right ways,” says Edward.

“We wanted to assess the relationships between brands and entertainment and, more importantly, map audience behaviors around entertainment.”

Turning to GWI, the team found the insight they were looking for.

Blending survey data direct from consumers captured through the GWI platform with social analytics, the team could build a more accurate picture of their target audiences, enabling brands to make more strategic decisions, based on fact.

“For us it’s all about layering and connecting different sets of data”, he says.

“Marrying social data with quick, responsive, contextualized survey data is what every brand should be doing.”

The first point of research revolved around segmentation, including:

  • How the target audiences use technology.
  • What entertainment entities they like and follow.
  • What kind of music they listen to.
  • What they like talking about online.

With this information at hand, EntSight provided their clients with unique, customized insight, and has consistently been able to go deeper, faster.

“Brands need to be reactive to events and trends much faster than before, so being able to quickly turn analysis around and draw from it is massively useful.”

The Result

Powering data-driven strategy.

EntSight can now truly present themselves as data-driven experts, drawing their campaign strategies and recommendations from carefully-aligned data sets that get to the heart of the relevant audiences.

“We’ve been able to introduce that new layer of behavioral understanding.”

By doing this, they’re able to address the pitfalls of emotion-based marketing that’s so prevalent in the entertainment sector, and replace it with truly consumer-centric solutions.

  • Successfully mapped audience behaviors around entertainment.
  • Created a more harmonized view of target audiences.
  • Urged a shift from emotional to insight-driven decision-making.

“You have to have passion for the data and knowledge of the subject matter, or you’re just reading what it says and not actually connecting it to anything,” Edward says.

Used in the right way, this insight forms the foundation of a strategy that delivers.

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