These terms are effective from January 16, 2024.

1. Account Registration and Data Protection

1.1 To begin using the API you will provide us with your name, work email address, phone number and confirm your organisation details. We will process this information to set up your organisation's account in accordance with our privacy policy found on our website:

1.2 You agree that we can use, store, distribute, transfer and share information submitted by you to contact you, monitor GWI API usage to ensure stability and improvements of the GWI API and as otherwise reasonably required to provide the GWI API and to ensure compliance with the Terms in accordance with our privacy policy:

1.3 Once you have registered you will be given an organisation alphanumeric ID token to authenticate your account (“OAuthToken”). The OAuthToken enables your GWI API access. The OAuthToken can only be used by you, and in accordance with the Scope set out in your Order Form. You will ensure there is no unauthorised access to the GWI API and that the OAuthToken is kept confidential and secure. You are not permitted to use or assist a third party to use the OAuthToken outside the Scope agreed. You will (i) ensure third parties do not access the GWI API using your credentials; and (ii) prevent other GWI API clients from using your credentials. You may request our permission to share your OAuthToken with a third party vendor providing technical GWI API support to you, provided always, You remain responsible for compliance with Terms, and any use of the GWI API by any such third party is for the sole benefit of you.  

2. Your use of GWI API
2.1 Except as set out in your Order Form, you may combine our dataset with other datasets, provided that the origin of the GWI data can be distinguished by including reasonable attribution.

2.2 Your use of the GWI API must comply with the Documentation and any reasonable instruction provided by us to support your use of the GWI API. You will act reasonably and in accordance with any fair usage instructions provided by GWI to ensure the stability of the GWI API.

3. Permitted Access
3.1 You will only access or attempt to access a GWI API by the means described in the Documentation. You will not misrepresent or mask your identity when using the GWI API.

4. Fair Usage
4.1 In order to maintain optimal performance of our GWI API for all customers we request all developers consider and optimise their calls and flows. If we see an excessive load on the GWI API, we will reach out and guide and help you on how to optimise your implementation. GWI reserves the right to suspend your account to ensure the stability of the GWI API where you fail to respond or engage.

4.2 You shall not exceed the maximum call limit of 100 calls per second.

5. Fees
5.1 You will pay the annual minimum fee set out in the Order Form, regardless of use below the number of API calls purchased. Any usage above the minimum number of API calls purchased in any given month will be charged and payable in accordance with the Order Form.

6. Security
You will use all reasonable endeavours to protect data collected by the GWI API and your credentials from unauthorised access or use including but not limited to use in excess of the Scope and will promptly report any unauthorised use of the GWI API.