How can you get the right perspective on the workplace of tomorrow?

As economies shift and global connections are made, business and HR leaders need to track employees’ needs, as well as taking advantage of the latest technology.

Our report provides a helicopter view of workforce trends and the ways in which younger companies and workers are breaking new ground.

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Discover the new workplace trends

How is email being replaced by app technology - and what do workers think about it? What are the changes in society that you need to know about?

Boost your people strategy

Get to know what the effects of a ‘flat’ structure can be, and the downfalls that new companies are identifying. Power your startup with essential insight on the future of work.

Understand employee needs

Get closer to the things that matter to your workers, including flexibility policies and the psychological effects of ‘always-on’ culture.

Discover the biggest trends from our exclusive Work data set, and refresh your knowledge.

What's inside the report?

You’ll learn:

  • Key perspectives on the modern workplace.
  • The countries with connected workforces.
  • Workforce trends across industry types.
  • Strengths and weaknesses of organizational structures.



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