Have you wondered why the CBD industry has taken off at such an astonishing rate?

Consumer perception and intentions are at the heart of any commercial success, and we’ve run a bespoke survey in the U.S. and UK to discover more.

And with 64% of U.S. and 51% of UK internet users considering using CBD-infused products, there’s ample reason to take note.

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What's inside the report?

Read a state of the industry overview, and get to know the consumer insight behind the CBD market hype.

Understand why consumers are buying CBD, and what they feel about traditional pharmaceutical companies in comparison.

You’ll find out:

  • Is the rise of CBD backed up by consumer intentions?
  • What are the trends that laid a path for its success?
  • How does consumer knowledge on dosage stack up?
  • What percentage of consumers feel CBD companies are trustworthy?


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Download now