Nowadays consumers aren’t afraid to use digital tools to go direct to supplier - and make informed choices to switch brands.

Direct to consumer is on the mind of every brand facing digital disruption. Names like Nike are positioning products in compelling new ways, using data and technology to reshape the experience and reclaim market share.

But it’s not only consumer goods industries that are refocusing their efforts. From insurance to telecoms, brands are incorporating innovative customer relationship strategies.

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What's in the guide?

With case studies to show how it’s done, explore the benefits and challenges of going direct. Discover the macro consumer trends driving the phenomenon you need to know about.

We explain:

  • Why brands should develop personalized experiences.
  • How taking control of the supply chain can drive loyalty.
  • How to prioritise quality using consumer data.
  • Why a ‘user-centric’ approach is needed. 

Get inspired with advice that can be applied to your company, no matter what the business model.

With 75% of consumers buying products online, the time to adopt a consumer-led direct strategy is now.

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