How much do companies need to reinvent themselves, during a global health crisis?

As the rules change again, more brands are offering purpose along with their product - and signs are showing this is important to consumers.

But every consumer is not the same. To hone your approach to fit the ethical stance of your buyer, you'll need to dig deep into the views of their demographic.

For example, almost 7 in 10 45-54 year olds believe the energy industry should hold itself more accountable to CSR.

And 66% of Gen Z feel it's important to contribute to the community they live in.

Download the report and discover the locations, ages, and industries where ethical business really matters for your brand.

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What's inside the report?

You'll learn about the conscious consumer, and see how dramatically the landscape has changed over time. Find out which brand activities appeal to each generation, and discover whether ethical business is worth the effort.

We cover:

  • The four areas companies are doing well in.
  • How ethical business could impact your brand loyalty.
  • How well sectors are doing internal CSR.
  • Which industries consumers think need an overhaul.

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Could you monetize CSR?

Explore the products and services that consumers are willing to pay more for if they are more ethically produced.

Take the temperature of the eco-consumer

Find out what social and environmental issues matter to consumers, and the big trends emerging.

Find the right approach for your company

What do your consumers feel are the important behaviors that companies should undertake?

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