What do beauty brands need to know about consumers in the wake of the pandemic?

In this infographic, we'll tell you how beauty shopping habits have shifted, and shine a light on the stay-at-home routines that have developed.

Discover entirely new insight into the beauty market, and get closer to your buyer.

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What's in the infographic?

With data from June 2020, we explore beauty buying habits and preferences.

As a result of lockdown, beauty and cosmetic consumers have altered their modes of buying. Shopping has moved more online - but not all consumers have gone with it.

Discover what's needed to appeal to beauty consumers in the new normal, including:

  • How do Gen Z differ when it comes to brand discovery?
  • What new types of brands attract consumers during this time?
  • How do purchase drivers shape up in the time of coronavirus?

Get insight into current trends in beauty buying, including brands such as Dove, Nivea, and L'Oreal.
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